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Adjo Basic Edition


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Starter Package

BASIC Edition

  • Basic filtering
  • Predefined Pictures
  • Predefined Slogans
  • Free Landing Page
  • No active support
  • Basic updates



Adjo will ask you what kind of business you wish to promote. Then the fun begins, you will personalize your ads, select your preferred channels and get to know the size of your available audience down to how many leads you can expect for your offer. If you wish to keep interaction to a minimum you can just go with the smart spend option and the service will determine the optimal strategy for your business. You don’t even need a website or landing page, we will provide you one free of charge optimized for mobile devices and SEO. Once you pay the service will create your campaign and your ads will go live. You will get access to your dashboard and get continues reports and insights. Once the campaign is running the service will continuously optimize all possible aspects of your campaign to filter out the leads most relevant for your business.